Istanbul Gelisim University…
It is just 10 years old but achieved great successes in this short period of time.
From the moment it was born in 2008, it spends all its energy for development, just like its name.
Ten years ago, when it was a tiny family of 50 people, added 198 students to this little family. Having dreamed of being a big family, Gelisim now has a huge family of 1085 administrative and academic employees, 24312 national - international students, and 23044 graduates.
It touched the lives of all of them. It offered the best of it all.
While 10 years ago, it had only one vocational school, now it continues its educational life with 3 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 schools, and 2 vocational schools.
When it was born there were 33 private universities in Istanbul, now it is one of the 44 private universities in Istanbul, but with differences and ambition, it is the university with the most accredited programs not only in Istanbul also in Turkey with its 54 accredited programs.
It offers 18 research centers to its students with its huge research complex consisting of over 100 laboratories. Collaborates with more than 100 international universities.
It grows, and growing accumulates beautiful memories.
It works with love for higher education and its family.
We set records with you. With 437 brands and patents, we became the university with the most patents in Turkey.
We achieved it all together.
We will achieve great successes together with you and inspire everyone.
Because we know what it means to be a family.